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“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

The Department of Fine Arts was established in the year 1994 to inculcate a sense of Aesthetics in the students of the area and to imbibe in them a lifelong love for art. The course is of three years duration. Department came with just 5 students, In a couple of years the subject became so popular that more than a hundred students opted for it. The infrastructure was spacious and airy which was conductive to the creative pursuits. Many projects were taken up from time to time in the form of workshops of Paintings in water color, Oils, Clay Modeling, Sculpture in stone as well as the environment sculptures that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the campus. The department has contributed immensely to the cultural laurels of the college in the youth festivals year after year. Education in fine arts is an integral part of any institution. Those who have pondered over learning process through the ages, beginning with Plato have emphasized the importance of the arts in the education process.

The Department of Fine Arts' purpose is to select students from various strata of the society and give them exposure to various Art forms of the world apart from our own. After an in-depth study of various art forms; students can develop an indigenous style having a universal appeal. Life is a great boon. One feels really blessed having judicious balance of various aspects. Such a condition makes the student feel really jubilant. He has to render various services to sense this boon. Materialistic pursuits undoubtedly, have their own worth. But for actual realization of contentment and cheerfulness, it requires an aesthetic sense to be developed optimally. It is the base to nourish the feeling of oneness with every object in nature. Fine arts are such a way as it leads to beautiful and charming vision of life. It develops various creative skills. It is enriching cultural potential of students and people. Pursuing fine arts is not merely a hobby, but can be a lucrative career options as well. Fine arts comprise painting, sculptures, applied art/commercial art. Each field is extensive and comprehensive that requires hard work and preservance to get through. One is expected to be amend with basic skills as creativity, imagination and patience as well.


Aims and Objectives:

> To enrich the culture of the people of this region in particular and the nation in general.

> To develop an indigenous style having a universal appeal.

> To create avenues to earn better livelihood.

> To develop student's aesthetic, intellectual, analytical, abilities through programs that integrate theory and practice.

> To aware among the students and the society at large about the social evils rampant in the society.



Department of Fine Arts
Dr. Manvir Kaur
Assistant Professor

M.A, Ph.D



Department of Fine Arts

 Bachelor in Arts (Fine Arts) (Elective Subject)

Program Outcomes: The art department offers a broad scope of opportunities for pursuing art. From the traditional subjects, Students are sure to find an area that suits their expressive style and they will be able to generate the original ideas. Students can enroll in M.A. M.FA. M.Phill, Ph.D. or they can pursue their talent as a freelance artist

CO-1    Students will be able to

-recognize and understand basic methods of mediums, theories and

- they will be able to understand the quality of the work of art.

CO-II     Students will be able to

- understand the elements and principles of art in Indian and Western Aesthetics

- interpret and analyze primary or secondary sources.

-to synthesize the use of drawing, two-dimensional design, and color, beginning with basic studies and continuing throughout the degree program toward the development of advanced capabilities.

 CO-III  Students will develop behavior such as curiosity, initiative, and persistence that will help them engage with the world in productive ways.

-They will be able to work independently or collaboratively to achieve stated goals.

-This may deal with direct painting from nature or with alternative approaches to the making of traditional and, at times, three-dimensional images.

-Progress toward developing personal direction and style.





Department of Fine Arts

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Department of Fine Arts

Report : One Day Clay Modelling Workshop 

Resourse Person : Mr. Perwesh Kumar 

Date: 21.09.2017

Number Of Participants:30

Report :

Budding Artists of the Department of Fine Arts on 21.09.2017 moved their hands dexterously making creative forms in clay. Mr. Parvesh Kumar, the Old Student Of the Department taught them to create wonders in clay. more than 50 students from the department participated in this event. Principal Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha said that this program was held to create awareness about the art and craft and It is important to teach this to the younger generation. It should not be confined to only a few people. Everyone should learn to make clay models and this would help develop children's skills.


One Day National workshop organized by the department with the collaboration of Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh

Date: 13th November 2018

No.Of Participants: 60

Resource Person: Dr. Jaspal Singh, a Renowned Artist From Hoshiarpur


Department of Fine Arts organized a one-day National workshop with the collaboration of Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh. During this workshop, Dr. Jaspal, a renowned artist, from Hoshiarpur, threw light on the basic techniques of art and also told about the mediums like acrylics watercolors, and oils. Mr. Diwan Manna, President of the Academy, told about the working of the academy and importance of the Art in professional life. Dr.Dharminder Singh Ubha honoring the Resource Person Dr. Jaspal and Mr. Diwan Manna, President, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, and Dr. Jaspal demonstrate and interact with students.




One Day workshop on Paper Mache, Best Out of Waste, and Flower Making

Date: 28 Feb 2016

Number of Participants: 30 

Resource Person: Ms. KiranPreet Kaur, Assitt. Prof. Department of Fine Arts, GSSDGS Khalsa College, Patiala


Department of fine arts organized One Day workshop on Paper Mache, best out of waste and flower making on 28 Feb 2016. approximately 30 students from the department participated in this event. the idea of upcycling waste paper was learned by the students. the workshop was mainly focused on spreading awareness about the harmful health effects of plastic and taught them how to make usable, sturdy bags and baskets out of waste newspapers. they made creative objects with Rag too. Through these fun activities, students, in turn, learned how to save the environment by not letting the waste products make it to the landfills and how can be turned into beautiful, usable items.


Title:  The outer wall of Sahayta Center, Patiala

from 13 September 2017 to 15 September 2017

under the guidance of Dr.Manvir Kaur. 

No. of Participents: 06

Harsimran singh, Nandini, Avneet KAur, Shifali, Navdeep Singh


Title: Celebration Online Teacher's Day

Resource Person: Prof. Sandeep Kaur Chahal, HOD, Department Of Folk Art Abd Culture

Date: 05.09.2020

No.of Participants: 30


On 5th September 2020, Department celebrated teacher’s day on 5th September 2020, in Online Mode. On this day there was a competition between poster making and card making. A big number of the students showed their talent by participating in this celebration. They made posters and cards and with this creative activity, they showed their affection towards the teachers.


Title: Two Day Alumni Workshop cum Exhibition

Resource Person: S. Kulpreet Singh, Mr. Dewanshu, Ms. KiranPal Kaur

Date: 2-3 March 2019

Number of Participants: 50


Department organized Two Day Workshop of Alumni dedicated to 500th Birth Ceremony of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Old students of the department, S.Kulpreet Singh, Mr. Dewanshu, and Ms. Kiranpal Kaur, were the invitees. Artists showed Guru Ji's principles and philosophies through their creative ideas in their paintings. All the students of the department attended this workshop. College Principal Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha asked the students to follow the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Event : Two Days Gumukhi Akharkari Workshop  'ਧੰਨੁ ਸੁ ਕਾਗਦੁ ਕਲਮੁ ਧੰਨੁ'.

Date: 08, 09 Febrary 2024 

Resourse Person: S. Hardeep Singh 


A two-day workshop on Gurmukhi calligraphy, 'ਧੰਨੁ ਸੁ ਕਾਗਦੁ ਕਲਮੁ ਧੰਨੁ', started on February 8 with the joint support Fine Arts Department and Kirat Club. Approximately 300 students and staff members from various departments of the college participated in workshop.

In this workshop S. Hardeep Singh who is a famous calligrapher from Amritsar,Punjab participated as a resource person. S.Satwinder Singh Tohra Member, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar Sahib was chief Guest. Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha, Principal, Khalsa College, Patiala, while appreciating the initiative taken by the Department of Fine Arts and the Kirat Club, said that the practice of Gurmukhi calligraphy will connect the students with their rich heritage, as well as about calligraphy and the structure of letters. He was Appreciating the large attendance of the students' and their interest in Gurmukhi alphabet is the guarantee of the golden future of Punjabi.
Kirat Club convener Dr. Davinder Singh and Head Fine Arts Department Dr. Manvir Kaur said on this occasion that the purpose of organizing this workshop is to encourage students' tendency towards Gurmukhi alphabet. On this occasion, she also said that this beautiful Gurmukhi alphabet learned by the students will enhance their personality and also become a source of inspiration for the coming generations.
During this workshop, students were taught the basic strokes of calligraphy, letter formation and the art of slogan writing. On this occasion, an exhibition of slogans written in a beautiful style by the students was also organized which was a special attraction for the entire staff and students of the college. On this occasion, teachers from varrious departments were also present.



Title: Dastak"24

Date: April 19, 2024


Title: One day Acrylics And Fabric Painting Workshop 

Resourse Person: Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur , Freelance Artist

Date: 07.02.2018

Number of Participents: 50


Department of Fine Arts organized a workshop on 'Acrylic and fabric painting' in which Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur from Patiala, demonstrated to the students' various techniques of Acrylic and fabric painting. All the designs and motifs were practically practiced by the participants. Tips were given by the experts on how to make a beautiful, attractive, and soothing aura with the correct choice of colors and patterns. 50 students of the Department participated in this event. Dr.Tejbir Kaur, Prof.Amandeep Kaur, Department of Psychology, Dr. Manwinder Kaur, were also present. Dr.Manvir Kaur, HOD Department of Fine Arts expressed gratitude towards the Participants and Experts.


Poster making and Slogan writing compitition on International Women's Day 2023

Date: 06.03.2023

Report: Departmant of Fine Arts organised Poster making and Slogan writing Compitition on the ocassion of International Women's Day on 06th March 2023. Students from various depatments participated in this compitition. Dr. Jasleen Kaur, Deputy Principal and Dr. Harwinder Kaur, Vise Principal performed as the judges and feliciated the winner students.




Educational Visit to Patiala Heritage Festival 2023

Date: 02.03.2023

No.of Students: 20



Title: Dastak"23

date: May 12, 2023

The Department of Fine Arts showcased the culmination of creativity at the Annual Art Exhibition, "Dastak'23," held on May 12, 2023. Illuminated by the esteemed Principal, Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha, the event was a visual feast as nine talented students proudly exhibited their works. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as the principal marveled at the diverse artistry on display. Head of the Department, Dr. Manvir Kaur, eloquently elucidated each piece to the gathered guests, adding a deeper understanding to the visual narratives. A total of 45 artworks graced the exhibition, showcasing the department's commitment to fostering artistic expression. Distinguished figures such as Deputy Principal Dr. Jasleen Kaur, Vice Principal Dr. Harwinder Kaur and Dr. Ajit Singh, and other respected teachers attended the exhibition expressing their appreciation for the students' creative process. The event stood as a testament to the vibrant artistic community within the department, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of memorable academic events.

Title: Two Day Alumni Exhibition

Date: 21, 22 june 2022

Number of Participants: 28


Department organized Two Day Exhibition of Old students of the department. 15 old student and 13 prensent students were participated in this event. Artists showed their thoughts through creative ideas in their paintings. College Principal Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha were also participated in this show as an artist.


Date: 14.11.2022

Number of Participants: 30


Department of Fine Arts organized a visit to  Musafir Memorial Central State Library, Patiala on 14/11/2022 at 2.30 p.m. dedicated to Children's Day. It aimed to explore a Public Library and attend a traveling exhibition "Hum Sab Sehmat" brought to the city by Pahal Group. Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, Chief Librarian interacted with the students and explained the importance of books in student life. The Art exhibition was the centre of attraction for students as they learned many new things. Students spent two hours learning there and enjoyed their visit.


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