P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages



P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

About P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

The Department of English was established in 1960.   

Aims and Objectives of the Department are:

  • To undertake a wide range of activities to bring English within the reach of each and every student.
  • To broaden students' vision by training them in inter-cultural and interdisciplinary interpretation of English literature
  • To help students achieve their goals by structuring such academic activities that meet the global and regional aspirations.
  • To create an atmosphere of co-ordinated teacher-student relationship to generate academic and creative endeavors.
  • To prepare  students not only for the examinations but also enrich them culturally and aesthetically.
  • To facilitate faster learning by simplifying the complex resources.
  • To make students ready for job market by developing language skills in them.

It is a Post-Graduate Department since 2011

Presently, apart from M.A. English, the Department is running Communication Skills, Cultural Studies, Elective English and Functional English at the U.G level, One year intensive Diploma in French, Advance Diploma in French and a  3-Month Certificate Course on Spoken English.

 It introduced B.A. English Honours in the session 2015-16 and since then, the Department has been running it successfully.  It introudced M.Phil. in the session 2016-17 and continued till 2017-18. 

The Department has a dedicated faculty of  19 members out of which 7 are PhD, 5 M.Phil, 3 Gold Medalists in M.A and 3 NET.  

UGC Sponsored Minor Projects by the faculty members:

  • Negotiating the Beautiful and the Sacred after Postmoderism and Globlization. (Dr. Deepinder Jeet Randhawa)
  • The Quest for Identity in the Selected works of Arun Joshi and Albert Camus: A Comparative Study (Ms. Jaspreet Kaur)
  • A Study of Myth Aesthetics in Wole Soyinka's Death and King's Horseman and Raja Rao's Kanthapura with Special Reference to Claude Strauss and Roland Barthes (Dr. Rouble Brar)
  • A Cyborgian Feminist Study of Margaret Atwood's Novels (Dr. Navdeep Kaur)
  • D.H.Lawrence: A Study of Libidinal Relationships from Tantric and Sikh Perspective (Dr Ayesha Khosla)

College Sponsored Minor Projects 

  •  Impact of Socio-Economic Background on English Pronunication in Students of Patiala District in 2020 (Ms. Jaspreet Kaur)
  • Spritual Quest in the Selected works of Kahlil Gibran, Elizabeth Gilbert and Elif Shafak in 2021 (Dr. Jasleen Kaur Nanda)

Seminars and Conferences 

The Department is constantly in dialogue with contemporary thought systems. Here are the conferences and seminars held by the Department:

  •  UGC sponsored National Conference on Literature of Small Culture: An Assertion of Difference in 2010. 
  •  One day National Conference on Crossing the Borders: Multicultural Dialogue in Literature in 2015. 
  •  One day National Seminar on The Poetics of Vismad in 2019. 
  •  One Day National Online Seminar on Guru Teg Bahadur: Significance of Martyrdom for Humanity in 2020 
  •  One day National Online Conference on The Hermeneutics of the Body in 2020. 

These conference proceedings were published as books :

  • Literature of Small Cultures: An Assertion of Difference in 2010
  • Crossing the Borders: Multicultural dialogue in Literature in 2015
  •  The Hermeneutics of The Body in 2021

The Department has compiled many books as part of curriculum for the U.G students. These are:

  • Flames of Inspiration: an Anthology in 2017
  • Diverse Voices in 2017
  • All Time Stories in 2018
  • Compendium of Selected Essays in 2019
  • Ten One Act Plays in 2020

From time to time, the Department organizes workshops, seminars, guest lectures to facilitate the learning process among the students. Recently, it organized one day Workshop on "Hope: Light of Life" in 2022 for students wherein they  participated in various events like poster making, poetry recitation, etc on the theme of hope. Workshop on Capacity Building through Speaking Skills and Two Weeks Workshop on Skill Development are conducted in 2023-24

English Literary Society:  A literary society of the Department that provides various platforms to the students to showcase their talents and one of its endeavors was the publication of New Hopes (a collection of poems and short stories by students) – a unique way to give voice to the creative potential of the students. The society undertakes the execution of various programs in order to take the text out of the confines of the classroom such as:

  •  Shakespeare Mela
  •  Razzmatazz
  • Online Literature Fest
  • Celebrating World Literature 
  • Meraki: Literature Fest 
  • 17th Annual Literature Fest 

Brave Hearts Club : A social club run by the Department to generate awareness among students about the need to share their blessings with others. The club makes efforts to collect money and things from students and teachers and distribute them to the needy sections of the society. The past activities of the club are as under:

  • Donated five new bicycles to  orphanages and also donated uniforms.
  • Donated clothes to lepers and, quilts to Government Rajindra Hospital and to the support staff of the college.
  • Performed street plays in Dhablaan village on social themes.
  • Undertaken a plantation drive within the campus.
  • Donated School kits to the 70 underprivileged students of Daya sagar school in Patiala in 2019
  • Donated school shoes to the underprivileged students of Daya sagar school in Patiala in 2020 and 2021
  • Donated school stationery items to the underprivileged students of Daya sagar school in Patiala in 2022
  • Donated eatables to the sick childen in Children's ward in Rajindea Hospital Patiala 2023

MOU with Sophia Girls College, Ajmer.  Under this MOU, the Department has beem organizing online national lecture series in which four more colleges that signed up, have been participating. Since 2023, the  students of all these 6 colleges have been organizing one lecture each for students. It is a kind of student exchange program on national level which will help students earn 6 certificates of national importance. 

In session 2023-24, Two students of B.A. Hons in Englsh III - Ekjot Kaur and Minica - have benefitted from Capacity Building Training Program on Communication and Change Management'  at Synergy University Dubai under student exchange program. 



P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages
Jaspreet Kaur
Associate Professor

M.A. ENGLISH (Gold Medal)

Dr. Rouble Brar
Associate Professor


Navdeep Kaur
Dr. Navdeep Kaur
Assistant Professor


Dr. Ayesha Khosla
Assistant Professor


Dr. Jasleen Kaur Nanda
Assistant Professor


Parmjeet Kaur Sekhon
Assistant Professor


Dr. Navdeep Kaur
Assistant Professor


Dr. Amanpreet Kaur
Assistant Professor


Harneet Kaur Buttar
Assistant Professor


Pawan Preet Kaur
Assistant Professor

M.A, B.Ed

Harmanpreet Kaur
Assistant Professor


Loveleen Kaur
Assistant Professor


Harleen Kaur
Assistant Professor

B.A. hons English, M.A.

Manpreet Verma
Manpreet Verma Verma
Assistant Professor

M.A B.ed

Maninder Kaur Bains
Assistant Professor

MA English M.ed

Assistant Professor


Gurvinder Kaur
Gurvinder Kaur
Assistant Professor

M.A ,B.Ed



P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages
P.G. Courses



Students undertaking Masters in English at Khalsa College Patiala are trained to explore Literature written in English from different perspectives with an aspiration to delve into literary and cultural theories. It is designed to enhance their critical thinking and creative potential and to orient them towards research.

Degree: Masters of Arts

Eligibility: Graduate with 50% in English Literature or 50% in any stream

Duration: 2 Years (full time)

Programme Outcome (PO)

Masters in English develops core skills like analytical thinking, critical perspective and cross cultural understanding which allows students to critically engage with literary texts. It prepares one to be a writer, translator, speaker, editor, proof-reader, copywriter and interpreter. There is a plethora of job opportunities in the education sector, various government agencies, journalism etc. The students can also contribute as online content writers, technical translators and decoders. Future prospects for research and higher studies including M.Phil. and Ph.D. can also be availed. The students will also gain qualitatively by being sensitized towards the social issues and causes which will generate diligent, conscientious and responsive global citizens.

Click here for Subject/ Course Details 

U.G. Programmes,  Diplomas, Courses and Certificate Courses


B.A. Honours in English

B.A.Honours in English at Khalsa College Patiala is designed to develop better understanding of literature by focusing on different ethnicities and cultures. The students learn to study literary texts from different perspectives. The course aims to offer specialisation in Literature and Literary theories at graduation level and to train students in Language and Literature skills so that they are able to explore a deeper relationship between language, literature and culture.

Degree: Bachelors

Duration: 3 years (full time)

Eligibility: 12th pass with 50% or equivalent with CGPA 5 and above from any board.

Programme Outcome (PO)

The Programme facilitates the students to equip themselves with progressive vision and cultural insights. The students can pursue Masters in English or opt for a career in Journalism, Psychology, Philosophy, Film and Media, Cinematic Studies etc. English Communication Skills are also taught to the students and efforts are made to train them to be proficient in speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. This enables the students to be good speakers, anchors, writers, debaters and editors. Students can also appear for competitive examinations with a more sound knowledge of English language. English is a language of opportunities and employment, and it opens a plethora of career opportunities for the students like teaching, Proof-reading, journalism, anchoring, theatre, technical writing, advertising, Script writing, public relations etc.

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Elective English as an elective subject in B.A.  

English Literature at Khalsa College Patiala offers the students a study of different genres in English such as Poetry, Drama, Fiction and Essays. It helps them improve English language skills and an understanding of English culture. Students are introduced to the literary history of English Literature so that they explore a relationship between literature, society and history.

Duration: 6 semesters (full time)

Eligibility: 12th pass

Cultural Studies as an elective Subject in B.A.

The students studying Cultural Studies at Khalsa College Patiala are introduced to the basics of Culture as a concept. Through this, students are trained to look critically at the role of social institutions in the shaping of contemporary culture, and to develop an understanding of cultural practices in relation to Power.

Duration: 6 semesters (full time)

Eligibility: 12th

Functional English as an Elective Subject in B.A.

This subject at Khalsa College Patiala offers an opportunity to learn communication and language skills focusing on British Received Pronunciation, grammatical structure, technical usage of English language. The program trains the students for jobs requiring excellent writing and speaking skills.

Duration: 6 semesters (full time)

Eligibility: 12th pass


One Year Intensive Diploma in French

One Year Intensive Diploma in French at Khalsa College aims to introduce French language to beginners. The focus is on building foundation skills in writing, reading, speaking French and developing the intercultural competence of the learners.


Duration: One Year

Eligibility: 12th pass with 50% or equivalent with CGPA 5 and above from any board

One Year Advance Diploma in French

One Year Advance Diploma in French at Khalsa College makes students ready for market job requiring language competency in French. Students can pursue Masters in French after completing the course or can also apply for job requiring communication Skills in French.  

Duration: One Year

Eligibility: One Year Intensive Diploma in French

Certificate Courses

  • 3-Month Certificate Course in Spoken English

This certificate course is designed for students who wish to acquire better English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. It helps in developing effective public speaking skills so that students face formal and social meetings confidently

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility Criteria: Anyone who has passed 10th or 12th

  • 3-month Certificate Course in Proficiency in Translation

This course is designed to impart knowledge of various issues related to translation. Students acquire  the  skills  to  become  professional  translators  and  also acquire the  competency  associated with it. The program aims to make students understand the theory and practice of translation.

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility Criteria: Anyone who has passed 10th or 12th

  • 3-month Certificate Course in Creative Writing

This Certificate Course is designed to develop creative writing skills among the students through practical and technical understanding of the creative process. The aim is to inculcate creative and academic writing skills among the students, to help them build their individual style and tone,  and to broaden their creative imagination.

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility Criteria: Anyone who has passed 10th or 12th


P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

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P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

P.G.Department of English, Cultural studies and foreign Languages

Gift of Books by Prof Jaspreet Kaur 

12th october 2021

Prof Jaspreet Kaur gifted 123 books to P.G. Department of English, Cultural studies and Foreign Languages on her birthday. These books can be issued to the faculty members as well as the students. Dr.Deepinderjeet Randhawa, Head of the Department said that it is gracious on the part of Prof. Jaspreet kaur to celebrate her birthday in this unique manner 


P.G department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

Bravehearts club and English Literary Society organized an activity, ‘spreading happiness’ on the occasion of gurpurab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

18th Nov 2021


Bravehearts Club and English Literary Society of P.G department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages collaboratively organized an activity under the banner of 'spreading happiness' on 18th November 2021 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The main objective of the activity was to spread happiness among the poor and underprivileged students of a school in a slum- Daya Sagar School- in Patiala by donating them school shoes. For this, Rs 7350 were collected from the faculty members, students and coordinators of the club. Out of this amount, Rs. 2500 was contributed by the members of English Literary Society.  Total 70 pairs of shoes were purchased with the money and donated to the students of this school. Members of both clubs participated in the activity wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm. . Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa appreciated the efforts of the club members and inspired the students towards social welfare activities. Prof. Jaspreet Kaur, convenor Bravehearts and Dr Rouble Brar, convenor English Literary Society encouraged the students for such activities




22nd December, 2021

Gift of Books by Prof. Avtar Singh


Prof. Avtar Singh, former Professor Punjabi University Patiala, gifted books to the Department. The literature books, which he donated, are of lot of importance for post-graduate as well as under graduate students.  Dr. Deepinderjit Randhawa , Head of the Department, thanked him for his kind-heartedness and support.

Workshop on Hope: Light of Life 

3 March, 2022

The English Literary Society of PG Department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages, GSSDGS Khalsa College, Patiala organized a workshop- Hope: Light of Life on 3 March, 2022. The objective of the event was to instill in the students a positive perspective filled with hope for the future and provide a platform to them to exhibit their latent talent .The workshop comprised five diverse activities – Life is Beautiful, Lyrical Hope, Life Stories, Poster making competition and Hope Anthem in which students participated with great fervor.

Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha congratulated the department for organizing such an insightful and needful workshop. He said that such initiatives must be taken to keep the minds of the students ignited with hope and joy. He added that such activities play a significant role in providing healthy diet to the soul of students and also motivated them to take part in such activities.

Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa, the head of the Department emphasized the importance of creating a new outlook towards the outside development and the need to cope with them with a firm belief in goodness and honesty. She also motivated them to keep the fire of hope ignited in their hearts despite adverse circumstances of life.

The convenor of the English Literary Society, Dr.Rouble Brar extended a warm welcome to the Principal and other staff members and students. She also commended the endeavours of the society in polishing the talent of the students.

Beant Kaur of B.A III won the first position, Ranjodh Singh of B.A III got the second position and Rusheeldeep Kaur of B.A I and Harmanjeet Kaur of B.A II(Hons.)English jointly secured the third position in Poster making Competition.

A huge number of students attended the workshop and it was a huge success. All the participants were given prizes and certificates.









Celebrating World Literature

16th March 2022

English Literary Society of P.G. Department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages, Khalsa College Patiala organized a fest ‘Celebrating World Literature’ competition on 16 March, 2022. It was aimed to create the interest of the students in World Literature in English. The fest comprised four plays–Dr.Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Oedipus The King by Sophocles, Abhijanam Shakuntalam by Kalidasa, speeches, poetry recitation and role play in which students from different streams participated with great fervor.

            Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha, Principal of the College congratulated the English Literary Society for always coming up with new innovative ideas to bring out the best among the students. He also said that in this modern era, there is the onslaught of  mechanized lifestyle due to over indulgence in mechanical instruments which is threatening the foundation of human relationship. There is a need for all of us to introspect and think why our relationships are degenerating and in a dilapidated condition.

         Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa, the Head of the Department emphasized the importance of such activities to provide a platform to students to display their hidden talent and qualities. She also pointed out that these platforms go a long way in building self-confidence and co-operation among the students.

            The convenor of the English Literary Society, Dr.Rouble Brar warmly welcomed the Principal, staff members and students. She credited the industrious students for always providing a wonderful backbone for such events. She also thanked all the participants and teachers for making the event a success.

            During the fest, badges were also given to the office bearers and executive members of English Literary Society and coordinators of Brave Hearts Club by the department. All the participants were also presented with certificates of participation.  

Persepolis and Abhijanam Shakuntalam won the first position, Dr. Faustus and Oedipus, The King got the second position. For his speech, ‘Tryst With Destiny’ Karanbir Singh from B.A.Hons’ Eng.-III won the first prize and Prabhjot Kaur from B.B.A-I for her speech on Climate Change secured the second position. Shriya from B.A.III Hons in English won the first prize for her role as Volpone and Amisha and Arleen from B.A.III Hons in English got second prize for their roles as King Lear and Medea. In poetry recitation Karanbir singh won first prize for his poem ‘Ulysses’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson and Anjali Kinger from B.A. Hons social sciences-II secured second position for the poem ‘Far Cry From Africa.’

            A huge number of students attended the fest and it was a huge success. All the participants were given prizes and certificates.

Dr. Rouble Brar, Convenor, English Literary Society, presented vote of thanks


Glimpses of the Programme


Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa distributing prizing among the winners

P.G. Department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages

Workshop on Oration Skills in Elocution and Debate

15th September 2022

P.G. Department of English, Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages organized one day workshop on oration Skills in Elocution and Debate in Soft Skills Lab. The Objective of the workshop was to impart oration skills to the students. Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa, the Head of the Department, said that this is a great initiative by the department to prepare student in this most relevant Skills in present times. She emphasized that such events are helpful in enhancing the personality of the students. Prof. Jaspreet Kaur, Convener, Elocution and Debate welcomed the students and appreciated their overwhelming response. She shared tips to make an effective and impressive speech. Dr. Navdeep Kaur and Dr. Navdeep Kaur actively participated in the workshop.

Number of participants: 37

P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Langauges 

Students Induction Programme 

17th Sept 2021

P.G.Department of English,Cultural Studies and Foreign Langauges organized SIP for new comers for the session 2021-22. Students of B.A.I Honours in English -I and II, B.A. I and II (English Literature), and M.A. I (English) were invited for the programme. First, they were made familiar with the Library rules. Dr.Rouble Brar along with Prof. Navdeep Kaur presented a slide show of various depatmental activites done throughout the year such as English Literary Society functions,Braveheart Club activities, Webinars, Seminars, Conferences etc. Dr. Ayesha Khosla did a meditational activity with the students. Dr.Deepinder Jeet Randhawa encouraged the student to come out of their inhibitions and to take the lead in life. The students also played a game of jumbled words. Prof Jaspreet Kaur passed a vote of thanks.  Below are some of the pictures of the programme. 

DBT Star College


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